17 Awesome Trails for Biking in America

Is riding your passion? Then, why walk over a lane when the whole road is yours? Biking is adventure, biking is enthusiastic, biking delivers mental peace. This may, ride the bike to the most exotic trails in America! Ride it for once, Ride it for daily, and the places that are unique; delivers frenzy. 

There are a number of trails in America that can deliver joy and peace. But a few are there; here following are the top seven trails for biking in America;

  • Louisville Riverwalk
  • The Oklahoma River Trail
  • Greenbrier River Trail
  • Long Leaf Trace
  • Chief Ladiga Trail
  • Prairie Spirit Rail Trail
  • Arkansas River Trail

There are many reasons why these seven trails are considered to be as the best of the trails. The trails are enriched with all the possible scenic beauties, downs and falls of the mountains, bays, swimming, and fishing hubspots. To cherish your biking needs, the places listed below will add wonders to your exclusive bike rides. 

Before you ride, you better equipped yourself with the right gear and clothes. Head to REI or Midway USA and don't forget to get the coupon for REI and coupon for Midway USA in our site. Here is a list of Top Trails for Biking in America. Explore the flat, pave and seamless trails in the article below:

Louisville Riverwalk:

Photo credit: http://speeddemon2.com/

It is opposed to a river hence is called as a Riverwalk. On the track, you will find the Ohio River, coal barges, and will finish up downtown Louisville; there you can pick up some bourbon.

The Oklahoma River Trail:

Photo Credit : Okirivercruises.com 

The 13 miles long Oklahoma River Trail is traffic free, flat, and paved. So get your helmet tied well, strap on to your aero bars, and keep on practicing time-trailing.

Great Glen Trails:

Photo Credit: http://24hoursofgreatglen.com/

It is the trail network with having ratings from easiest to the hardest. From this trail network, you'll have a perfect view of the peak; Mt. Washington. You can rent a bike and take a picture with the peak as if you rode down the hill.

Long Leaf Trace:

Photo Credit: http://trailsnet.com/

The trail is 41 miles long and is best suited for all bike types. The trail offers a smooth ride for all bike types. On the trail, there are stops on every 5 miles or so along the trail, providing you with a drink or a beer, and anything that necessitated not being on a bike.

River to Sea Bikeway:

Photo Credit: http://www.wilmingtonandbeaches.com/

The River to Sea Bikeway trail is 11 miles long that offers you an awesome beginning with scenic Wilmington. The river to the Sea Bikeway covers the path of a trail line connecting Wilmington with nearby Wrightsville.

Southern Delaware Heritage Bike Trail:

Photo Credit: http://delawareandlehigh.org/

The Southern Delaware Heritage Bike Trail is 130 miles long and is suited to all bike types. The trail connects the cities and town of the Sussex Country. In accordance to enjoy this trail you are required to be friendly with traffic.

Farmington Canal Heritage Trail:

Photo Credit: http://www.farnorthendurance.com/

The trail covers an average of 81 miles of distance and is suitable for all kinds of bikes. The paved trail fits for people of all ages and bikes of all types.

Prairie Spirit Rail Trail:

Photo Credit: ultrasignup.com

The trail is of 50 miles long and owes 360-degree view without any obstacles are good to see. On the way you'll find restrooms and picnic spots as well. 

Medicine Bow Rail-Trail:

Photo Credit: usa.streetsblog.org

The 21 miles long trail allows only the mountain bikes. The trails as lies in more than 9000 feet so one must free himself for a long journey to be travelled.

East Bay Bike Path:

Photo Credit: http://www.railstotrails.us/

The trail covers a distance of 14.5 miles and it really feels awesome; riding your bike alongside a big blue bay. As the pave is flat hence it goes like never need to get worried for the things like ups and downs, climbs and falls. The trail offers a peaceful journey, though it’s long but is interesting.

Arkansas River Trail:

Photo Credit: http://www.buckettripper.com/

The trail is located at the Little Rock, Arc and covers 11.5 miles of journey and allows all bike types to travel over it. The trail is of 11.5 miles at current but is kept in view for extension of up to 24 miles. The major attraction of the trail is that it offers a pair of bridges that hit both the shores of the River Arkansas.

Ohio to Erie Trail:

Photo Credit: http://cdn.ohio.org/

The trail is located at the Cleveland, Ohio covering a total of long 262 miles and is kept in view for extension. The trail only allows the mountain or the hybrid bikes. The path goes from Cincinnati to Cleveland. The trail doesn’t ends up here; there are plans to extend it to the next 200 miles.

Cape Cod Rail Trail:

Photo Credit: http://www.brownrowe.com/

The trail covers 28 miles and is located at the Dennis, Mass. The trail is suited for all the bike types. Cape Cod is like a hotspot for people who are crazy for beach. The trail connects Dennis and Wellfleet, and is flat and paved. 

Des Plaines River Trail:

Photo Credit: www.about-bicycles.com

The trail is located at Lake Country, Ill and is 31 miles long and follows the Des Plaines River in Lake Country. The trail is enriched with underpasses and bridges that ensure one does not need to cross a road, stating that you would have to pedal through 13 forest preserves. 

Greenbrier River Trail:

Photo Credit: http://www.everettpotter.com/

The trail allows having the scenic beauties and offers ample opportunities like swimming and fishing. The trail is so flat that it does not gets over a single grade and if you are feeling lazy than the trail could be the best biking destination.

Tammany Trace:

Photo Credit: http://images.everytrail.com

The trail is 31 miles long and is used by almost 300,000 people annually. The trail offers 31 bridges to travel up on, is surrounded by parks, historical landmarks and much more that could be explored throughout. 

Chief Ladiga Trail:

Photo Credit: toureastabalama.com

The trail coves 33 miles of distance and its ends are combined with Georgia's Silver Comet Trail and the power together become of 100 miles and then they together forms one of the longest trail in America. 


The places aforementioned once visited will never feel you down. Riding bike is none less than riding. 

May 10, 2016