Study: Smartphones in Millennials' Romantic & Sex Lives (Infographic)

An astounding 85% of millennials own smartphones what makes them the biggest portion of the population in the US to own smart devices. This is according to a report conducted in 2014 by Nielsen which also showed that about 67% of millennials spend an average of 14.5 hours every day on their smartphones.

Our team at Coupofy conducted a smartphone behavior research involving over 2,000 U.S. millennials riven into two groups of men and women. This research was meant to dig deeper into the millennials’ habits regarding their smartphone usage in different situations in life.

What are the new facts about smartphones in millennials' romantic & sex lives?


Role of smartphones in millennials' romantic and sex lives

According to the report, 54% of millennials use smartphones as the main way of communication with their date partner. 29% of the millennials always keep their smartphones within their eyesight when on a date so that they do not miss any new notifications.

33% of them used their smartphones to get out of a bad date. Another 23% reported that smartphones were making it easier for them to find a partner or to hook up rather than meeting the said partners in person. This 23% was characterized mostly by high school students and 15% of White-American millennials. Another 15% of the subjects reported to having one or more dating apps

The report recorded that 57% of millennials get annoyed with their partner if they take longer than expected to respond to their messages. Out of the total population of all U.S. millennials, 40% consider it a deal-breaker if their potential partner is addicted to their smartphone.

Also, according to the study, the use of social media on smartphones has led to the improvement of romantic relationships in 1 out of every 3 millennials. 22% of millennials have also experienced a change in their expectations from relationships due to the use of social media on smartphones. 22% of millennials are not comfortable with lending their smartphones to their partners.

A half of all U.S. millennials have browsed the internet on their smartphones to learn new sex tips according to the report. Among this lot, the biggest group that have done so are those on maternity or paternity leave.

The report also accounts that 1 in 3 millennials check their phones immediately after sex. 28% of them get anxious to check their phones during sex. Also twice as many men checked their phone during sex than women, with high school students being the most likely to check their phones during sex. 22% of millennials have used their smartphones to document their sex lives with entrepreneurs and unemployed millennials playing a major role.

64% of millennials do not send naked selfies or sexts. However, 56% of entrepreneurs have taken naked selfies and engaged in sexting. African-Americans are also twice as likely to take naked selfies as White-Americans. Only 18% of millennials have taken naked selfies. High school students take the fewest of them at 11%. One in 10 millennials uses sexting as part of foreplay with three times as many men sending sexy messages as women.

12% of sexting millennials think their phones have made them lazier with half of them believing they have made life easier. Only 12% of this group reported to not having meaningful connections with family and friends with 26% of them hating the amount of time they spend on their smartphones.

23% of non-sexters believe their smartphones have made them lazier with 17% believing they have deteriorated their lives with 30% hating the time they spend on their phones, finding it less easy to find a partner using smartphones. This group also has less dating apps on their smartphone.

This report shows that smartphones have taken a big part in millennials’ romantic and sexual lives since they are used at almost all possible levels of their lives and contribute a big part in their decisions and behavior.

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Jun 13, 2016