Study: Millennials' Mobile Shopping Habits (Infographic)

Smartphones have become the icon for millennials. In as much as there is an advance in technology and many people are using mobile devices, this generation is rated as the highest in making the most of the devices. This explains why brands have taken mobile shopping serious. Everyone wants a share of this market. The generation has a lot of influence, with the only way of online retailers thriving, being understanding millennials’ mobile shopping habits. The millennials making up about 26% of the total population have changed the trends in shopping in all industries. 

Our 2016 Smartphone User Behavior Report reveals surprising facts about the U.S. millennials and their mobile shopping preferences. We asked more than 2,000 U.S. millennials about their habits and attitudes towards shopping on their smartphones. Check out this infographic for more insights and visit the full study report for more detailed information.

Mobile Shopping Habits of Millennials

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Jun 2, 2016