Does E-commerce Business Really Need Live Chat?

Whether it is an online retailer or in-store, providing good customer service is unnecessary to compete in today’s market. The customers always want immediate reply because calling and emailing is a waste of time for them. So here live chat could be the best option. As research said, for any customer service it has the highest level of satisfaction, with 73%, compared with 61% for email and 44% for phone.

Live chat is one of the best online support tools that provides instant help for consumers who are seeking immediate help in real time. It does not only help business to improve customer services but increase sales, and overall ROI. Furthermore, its feature like co-browsing and screen sharing helps non-technical consumers to solve their query by just sharing a screen with live assistance.

We are excited to publish our first guest infographic created by Tagove on how a live chat is beneficial for eCommerce.



Jan 15, 2016