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About the award

The Annual Coupofy Entrepreneurship Award is aimed at entrepreneurs and bloggers globally. We are looking for the most interesting and talented entrepreneur in the world to join us for a month in Bali, Indonesia. All expenses will be covered by us. The winner is welcome to work on a project of his/her choice while we provide guidance and support.

Hurry! Time is running out!

What do you get?

  • Economy round-trip airfare from anywhere in the world

  • 1 month accommodation

  • 1 month unlimited membership at a local co-working space

  • Welcome party with the Potential team

  • Mentorship and support from our team and local start-up community

  • Travel Insurance

Total value over $5000


How do I apply?

You will need to write a blog post with short pitch about your current work project or business, why you wish to come to Bali and a link somewhere inside the content pointing to this page. Here is an example Please fill in the form or e-mail with subject “Award Application Submission”. You will need to add your blog link in the application. All applications are due by October 10th, 2015( We just extedned it).

Do you need to be actively running a business?

Not necessarily. We are looking for entrepreneurs first. You might be just starting up, transitioning from a corporate job to the start-up world or you might be running an established company. It really doesn’t matter.

Can I bring my team with me?

Yes you can. But we won’t be able to pay for more than 1 person.

When can I come to Bali?

The winner can arrive any day after we pick the winner in October, 2015. We are looking forward to your arrival.

How can I increase my chances of winning?

You can help us spread the word about our Award! Mention us on your blog/personal page which will help us big time. Also feel free to tweet us @CoupofyUSA @PotentialinAsia. Love on Facebook and LinkedIn is also appreciated.

What is the basis of selection?

We are looking for the following:
-Interesting personality
-Past entrepreneurial involvement and activities
-Eagerness to join us(spreading the word about the Award helps here)
-Passion for doing great work

Will you run this in 2016?

Yes, we will run the Award every year.

Why is Coupofy doing this?

We are a distributed team and we work from different locations around the world. We meet once a year in Bali. This time we decided to invite others to join us and share our knowledge and experience. Of course, this Award is also a great marketing tool for us helping our brand and exposure.

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Come hang out with us. We promise you an unforgettable month in Bali. Woot woot.

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