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Have you ever felt terribly hungry late in the night and wanted to eat something warm and delicious, but couldn’t find anything to eat? Well, Insomnia Cookies can help you out! Looking for some discounts on your orders at Insomnia Cookies? Well, we’ve got the latest and the best insomnia cookies coupons to make sure that you save the most out of your order. Well, Insomnia Cookies is a fastest growing late-night bakery concept located in both New York and Philadelphia.

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What does Insomnia Cookies sell?




About Insomnia Cookies

History of Insomnia Cookies

Insomnia Cookies, was actually founded in a college dorm room in 2003, at the University of Pennsylvania by Seth Berkowitz. He started baking and delivering cookies from the college dorm room to the students late in the night, from which the idea of late night cookie delivery grew. They’ve opened their first retail outlet in 2004 in Syracuse, New York, United States.

Insomnia Cookies

Starting off as a small company, they’ve expanded to over 70 locations in the United States. These bakeries are typically located near colleges, and universities. They’re planning to expand its presence in more regions across the United States.

Insomnia Cookies Sells

Insomnia Cookies sells 12 varieties of traditional and deluxe cookies. They have many flavors like classic chocolate chunk, M&M, and white chocolate macadamia. All your yummy cookies are served warm from the oven!

Enjoy the satisfaction of getting all your favorite warm and delicious cookies delivered right at your doorstep.

What makes them unique?

First off, there aren’t many companies that deliver high quality, warm and delicious right at your doorstep late in the night. Most of the popular brands do not deliver warm and delicious cookies to your doorstep late in the night, which makes Insomnia Cookies special, which is one of the reasons why Insomnia Cookies is rapidly expanding across the United States. This is one of the only few places you could get a warm cookie at 3 AM in the night!

Where are the retail stores of Insomnia Cookies?

The retail stores of Insomnia Cookies are located at New York City, Boston, Miami, Baltimore, Chicago, St. Louis, Philadelphia, and Minneapolis. As the concept of Insomnia Cookies was first originated in a college campus, the concept has also developed across many major cities in the United States. Insomnia Cookies have told that they’re planning to expand to more locations very soon.

Payment Methods

Absolutely! They offer a special deal every week on their website as well as on their store’s menu. You can either sign-up to their newsletter, or follow them on Facebook or Twitter to know the latest deals and discounts. We also update all the latest insomnia cookies coupons on our website every day. Make sure you check us out so that you save the most out of your order.

Shipping Options

They start delivering delicious cookies from 4 PM – 3 AM on weekdays and 1 PM – 3 AM on weekends. However, the retail stores’ opening and closing times may vary depending upon the location and season.

Can I track my order?                                     

You can track the status of your order using the Insomnia Cookie’s “Cookie Tracker”. All you have to do to know the status of your order is to enter your order number and check your delivery process.

How long do they take to deliver?

They usually take 30 – 45 minutes to deliver your cookies in a warm condition. Of course, unforeseen situation may delay the delivery time, but you can always track your order with their “Cookie Tracker”.

Return Policy

According to the information on their website, it takes about 2 – 3 business days for the refund to appear on your bank statement. You can always contact their customer support if you’ve any issues regarding the refunds.


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