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Pizza has often been called one of the best tasting foods in areas all around the world. Originating in Italy, the recipe is now enjoyed by millions of people on a daily basis. However, as tastes tend to differ, finding the perfect pizzeria restaurant can turn out to be quite a difficult experience. Well, for those who are thinking about ordering pizza from a new place, they can go ahead and try Beggars Pizza,  which is a restaurant that has been bringing Italian food and all types of pizza to Chicago for over 40 years. The restaurant was initially started by Angelo Garetto, who opened it up back in 1976. Until today, Angelo together with his two sons, Peter and Larry have been hard at work to make sure that their business has the success that it needs. Their secret is great food, alongside with great customer support, service, an ongoing commitment to quality and the Beggar Pizza coupons that make shopping even more exciting. 

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About Beggars Pizza

In terms of their prices, the pizzeria is known for the fact that they practice a nice pricing structure, meant to help all people, regardless of their budget, to enjoy a well-made pizza from time to time. There are also attractive Beggars Pizza coupons that you can use. Most of the Beggars Pizza promotion codes which are available can be found on Coupofy. By using a Beggars Pizza coupon code, you’ll be able to save lots of money, especially combo packs and bigger orders.

At this moment in time, if you decide to check out the menu, you will be able to find Chicago-style deep dish pizza, but also Italian pasta, wings, sandwiches, burgers and more. At this moment in time, the restaurant operates throughout Chicago land, so you’ll definitely be able to find one near your house, that you can go to, or order food from.

Beggars Pizza

Where to find Beggar’s Pizza

At the moment, Beggars Pizza has 21 stores across Chicago. Although customers can always order online from most of them, three of these stores operate offline and you need to call them when placing an order. They include the store on South Halsted Street, West 115th street and the one on South Stony Island Avenue. The online stores on the other hand re open from 11 am to 11 pm and all orders are placed on the website. The best part is that, all the restaurants accept Beggars Pizza coupons.

Beggars Pizza menu

Customers are treated to a variety of menu items at Beggar Pizza. The most common foodies offered include classical nachos, various types of breads, salads, homemade soups, pizza, signature pizzas, entrees, sandwiches, burgers, wraps, wings and desserts. However, menu items and pricing are different for each of their locations. The stores also have a range of menu items which tend to be the favourites for most shoppers. They range from mozzarella sticks, fries, potato munchers, mini tacos and much more.

How to order

Placing an online order starts by clicking on your favourite or nearest Beggar Pizza location. Thereafter, you can browse the various menu items and add to order what you need. On the new page, fill in details entailing the preferred quantity, instructions on how you want the order made as well the name of the person you are making the order- which in this case could also be you. To further customise your order,  select other details like dipping sauce or topping for a more delectable meal. While all is done, you will be required to login to complete the checkout process. In the case where you do not have an account yet, an easy signup on the site can be done. You simply need to fill in your personal details, billing information and delivery address. If you have a Beggars Pizza discount Code, be sure to enter the code before you check out.

How can you pay?

Once you have gone over to the site, and ordered a pizza or other food to your house, you might be asking yourself how you can pay. Well, just like in most other restaurants, you have the possibility to pay either with your debit/credit card, or cash.

How soon will the pizza be delivered?

The actual delivery time varies based on how far you are situated from the pizzeria, and how busy they might be at a certain moment. You’ll be given the exact time it’ll take for the pizza to be delivered once your make your order.

Is there a cancellation/return policy?

It’s important to keep in mind the fact that once you have placed an order, you will be unable to reverse it, as the food may have already been prepared by that time. In the unfortunate case that there is anything wrong with your food, simply contact the customer support team, which will do everything that they can to assist you with the issues that you might have encountered. In the case where a refund is to be issued, and you had used a Beggars Pizza coupon code, your credit card is only credited the amount you paid after the discount was applied.

Join the Big cheese club

The club is aimed at rewarding loyal customers at the Beggars Pizza. By joining the club, you are rewarded a free piece as your welcome gift. Thereafter, you can earn great rewards, beggar stuff, free food and much more. For instance, every $25 spent at the store earns you one piece of the pie. 10 reward dollars are also transferred to your Beggar Pizza account for every 8 pieces purchased. These awarded bucks can then be used to purchase food and beverages excluding alcohol.  Even better, Beggars Pizza helps you celebrate special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries. As a Big Cheese Loyalty Member, you are sure to receive bonus offers and much more Beggars Stuff on the big day.

How to join the Big Cheese club

To enrol as a member, you need to provide personal details such as your name, email address, phone number, date of birth, favourite Beggar Pizza location and other details the staff might find necessary. The club has three membership tiers. When you join, you become a Beggar Buddy and once you earn 8 pieces then you are promoted to the Little Cheese member. The highest level is called the Big Cheese for those members who have earned 16 pieces. These membership tiers determine the type of rewards one is entitled to.

To earn points, members need to make orders from qualifying purchases. For each of these purchases, the member earns 10 points for every dollar spent. Beggar Pizza may also occasionally award its customers some special awards that include free food, Beggars pizza discount codes etc.

Accumulated reward dollars as well as special rewards can be redeemed at any of the Beggar Pizza stores for food, beverages or Beggars Swag sold in the restaurants. To further take advantage of an even better offer, rewards can be redeemed when using a Beggars Pizza coupon. Unfortunately, at the moment, Reward dollars cannot be used to purchase alcoholic drinks, gift cards, pay for delivery charges or exchange for cash. It is also worth to note that, customers can only use a maximum of $30 reward dollars at any one time.

Access the loyalty program on the App

The app allows customers to access information on the store’s website while on the go. From finding Beggar Pizza locations, searching for the latest Beggar Pizza coupons, viewing the menu for the various stores as well as ordering the food items. Better still, new members can join the Loyalty program via the app while current members can easily view their account balances and rewards. The app is compatible with your Android or iOS devices. The best part is that, you can refer a friend to join the app and hence receive a FREE slice. Additionally, when the referred friend signs up on the site and spends at least $30, a free slice is also added to your loyalty Account.

Shop at Beggars Pizza today!

What are you craving today? Whether some nachos, pizza or burgers. Beggars Pizza has all ready in the kitchen. Be sure to visit the store often for new offers and grab a Beggars Pizza coupon once the promos start. Or even better, browse Coupofy for the variety of Beggars coupon 2016 we have in store.


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